Colour meters

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TES0082-DIGITAL GUN-TYPE COLOR METER WITH MAX,MIN,AVG FUNCTION Check the color difference between two samples. Color difference displayed Δ(L*,a*,b*) Δ(E*ab,C*ab, H*ab) Δ(Y, x, y) Δ(X, Y, Z) or Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs) Color space displayed (L*, a*, b*) (L*, C*ab, hab) (Y, x, y) (X, Y, Z) or (Rs, Gs, Bs) Maximum, Minimum and Average function. Tolerance function. Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function. RS232 interface. Colour meters
LUT0074-RGB1002 Colour Analyser For QC COLOR ANALYZER, probe + meter, RS232 * Measuring sample : no lighting sample ( textiles, paper, leathers...). * Measurement value : RGB value, HSL value (Hue/Saturation/Luminance). * R (Red) value : 0 to 1023. G (Green) value : 0 to 1023. B ( Blue ) value : 0 to 1023. * 45o /0o color measuring geometry. * Used the spectral analysis method to determine the color of the sample. * Complete set included the color probe and the meter, show RGB or HSL value at same time. * RS232 computer... Colour meters